'It is never too late to be what you might have been.'

          George Eliot


I offer counselling and psychotherapy in London Bridge and online to individuals in the UK and throughout the world. I work integratively, which means I can draw from different theories to suit your individual needs. I am trained in both psychodynamic and humanistic modalities and have further training in the treatment of trauma. I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Why Come To Therapy?

Maybe you're experiencing anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, relationship issues, have hit a crisis point and feel overwhelmed or are struggling with a past trauma. You might seem outwardly successful in your career but are weighed down by a feeling that you're never 'good enough.'  

Whatever issues you bring, therapy offers a valuable opportunity to gain self-awareness about feelings and patterns of behaviour that might be holding you back. Insight can bring you greater self compassion, freedom of choice and the real possibility for change. Just as physiotherapy can ease an aching back so therapy can facilitate a more comfortable or less painful frame of mind.

The type of things I can assist you with include:

Anxiety and panic attacks.

Chronic worry, rumination and intrusive thoughts.

Low self-esteem.


Something you feel you can't share with anyone else.

Relationship/interpersonal issues.

Sexuality and sexual identity issues.


The impact of bullying/violence during childhood.

Trauma - PTSD and Complex PTSD

Feelings of being trapped in a cycle of unhelpful or destructive behaviour

Work related issues: perfectionism, workaholism,'imposter syndrome.'  

I have worked with a range of people of different backgrounds, sexualities, races, ethnicities and ages. If you're a man wondering if it will be ok talking to a woman about your issues, I have worked with as many men as I have women.


Getting Started  

One of the most essential components of successful therapy is the connection between therapist and client. It’s important you find the ‘right’ therapist for you, someone you feel at ease with and able to talk to. I offer a free initial 15 minute telephone chat, so you can get a sense of what talking to me feels like and I can see if I'm the best person to help.

If you would like take the next step and get in touch, please call on 07946830402, email me at harriettherapy@gmail.com or use the form on the contact page to ask any questions or to arrange a session.