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Brené Brown on Vulnerability and Shame


This Ted talk by Brené Brown is one of the most viewed ever. In it, with wit and empathy, she talks about vulnerability and the concept of shame, an issue that often comes up with clients. That it has had over 12 million views is a testament to how much this issue resonates with people. 

Watch video here.

Lorimer Moseley on 'Why Things Hurt.' 


This Ted talk called ‘Why Things Hurt’ by Lorimer Moseley is a fascinating insight in to the role the brain and memory play in pain. As emotional distress can have a big impact on our bodies and lead to chronic pain, I decided to post this here. He's also a great speaker and manages to make a complex topic funny and accessible. 

Watch video here 

Bronnie Ware - Regrets of the Dying

 Bonnie Ware, a palliative care nurse, talked to her patients about their regrets. She wrote about it and captured the public's attention. What struck me is how many of the issues that come up around fear and overwork, courage and relationships are what people bring people to therapy, and how therapy can be an opportunity to start to live the life you want to live. 

Read article here

How Therapy Works

Some books I'd recommend on this subject are:

Why Therapy works - Louis Cozolino

The Gift of Therapy - Irvin D Yalom


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