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About Me
'In order to do what you want, you have to know what you're doing.' M. Feldenkreis 

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Training and Experience


My work is trauma-informed and my core theory is psychodynamic (relational/attachment based.) I

have training and experience in Internal Family Systems, ACT and humanistic approaches. I am also influenced by my interest in film and literature. I have been a contributor to The School of Life's films and psychological toolkits.  

Prior to training as a therapist, I did a first degree and MA and worked for a number of years in the arts. I am still involved in a creative field and bring to my therapy practice an understanding of the pressures a creative and/or competitive job can present. have experience working with clients from both creative fields and high pressure corporate environments.


Style and Approach

Finding the right therapist for you is as much about their style and personality as their qualifications. I think collaboration, warmth, approachability, open-mindedness and the ability to laugh with a client when appropriate are important in the therapy relationship. I endeavour to bring these qualities to my practice.


My psychodynamic approach involves looking at the past with an eye on the present. Together we can explore how past events might be impacting you in the here-and-now, shed light on patterns and proactively work towards you being able to move forward with greater choice, freedom and psychological comfort.  

Recent CPD


There is constant research and development in this field, and I regularly engage in continuing professional development. Recent further training includes:

Certified Clinical Trauma Training Professional  (CCTP) 

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy - Affinity Centre

The Clinical Application of Compassion - NICABM

Treating Trauma Master Series -NICABM

A Missing Dimension in Traditional Therapy - Pat Ogden - Sensorimotoronline

My Approach: About Me
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