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About Me

'In order to do what you want, you have to know what you're doing.' M. Feldenkreis 

Training and Experience


I did my initial training in integrative therapy at CPPD and have subsequently done further training in working with anxiety and attachment trauma. I have also been a contributor to The School of Life's films and psychological toolkits.  Prior to training as a therapist, I did a first degree and MA and worked for a number of years in the arts.  I am still involved in a creative field and bring to my therapy practice an understanding of the pressures a creative and/or competitive job can present.

Style and Theoretical Approach

 Finding the right therapist for you is as much about their style and personality as their qualifications. On becoming a therapist I thought a lot about what qualities have been important to me during my time spent as a client: warmth, approachability, open-mindedness and the ability to laugh with me, when appropriate, all scored highly. So I endeavour to bring these qualities to my own practice.

I work integratively, which means I can draw from different theories to suit each individual client’s needs.  I am particularly influenced by attachment theory, internal family systems and relational/compassion/mindfulness based ways of working. 

One of the most essential components of successful therapy is the connection between therapist and client. It’s important you find the ‘right’ therapist for you, someone you feel at ease with and able to talk to. The first session is a chance for us to see how working together feels, with no obligation to continue.

Recent CPD


There is constant research and development in this field, and I regularly engage in continuing professional development. Recent further training includes:

The Clinical Application of Compassion - NICABM

Treating Trauma Master Series -NICABM

A Missing Dimension in Traditional Therapy - Pat Ogden - Sensorimotoronline