About Me

'In order to do what you want, you have to know what you're doing.' M. Feldenkreis 

Training and Experience


I gained my Advanced Diploma in integrative counselling at CPPD, and have subsequently done further training in working with anxiety and trauma. I have also been a contributor to The School of Life's films and psychological toolkits.  I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. 


Prior to training as a therapist, I did a first degree and MA and worked for a number of years in the arts.  I am still involved in a creative field and bring to my therapy practice an understanding of the pressures a creative and/or competitive job can present.

Style and Theoretical Approach

 Finding the right therapist for you is as much about their style and personality as their qualifications. On becoming a therapist I thought a lot about what qualities have been important to me during my time spent as a client: warmth, approachability, open-mindedness and the ability to laugh with me, when appropriate, all scored highly. So I endeavour to bring these qualities to my own practice.

I work integratively, which means I can draw from different theories to suit each individual client’s needs.  I am particularly influenced by attachment theory, internal family systems and relational/compassion/mindfulness based ways of working. 

Recent CPD


There is constant research and development in this field, and I regularly engage in continuing professional development. Recent further training includes:

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy - Affinity Centre

The Clinical Application of Compassion - NICABM

Treating Trauma Master Series -NICABM

A Missing Dimension in Traditional Therapy - Pat Ogden - Sensorimotoronline


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